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Boots and Jewels! LR x Catbird

Category: How We Wear It, News

We teamed up with the coveted Brooklyn jewelry store and e-boutique, Catbird to show of our favorite layered looks for fall featuring the Loeffler Randall Frankie moto boots and pretty Catbird jewels.


Below, Catbird's own PR maven, Correy Law takes us on a sunny stroll through the heart of Williamsburg, giving us a peek at a typical day in her sparkly life. Enjoy!


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Photos by Ryan Slack

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Published 10/17/2013 By Loeffler Randall

LR Studio Series // Jessica Navas

Category: How We Wear It, LR Loves

For the fourth Loeffler Randall Studio Series we met up with the contagiously bubbly Jessica Navas at the JWT communications HQ for a fun peek at her workspace complete with a tour of the inspirational mementos she keeps close at hand.


Watch Jess's video on the LR Instagram @LoefflerRandall #LRWorkingGirls


Above: Jess, wearing her LR Reese kitten heel booties.

I'm an obsessive reader, film-watcher and wannabe historian. I'm kind of a digger – when I become interested in a specific point in time or topic, I need to understand everything about that moment. Like I collect Vogues from the 60's and 70's – beyond the killer style, it's so cool to read about the culture at the time. I also can't get enough of the Moth, This American Life, Story Corps. I just think sharing stories is incredibly important.

I love what I do because it's all about this digging process, understanding the why's behind culture, trends and human behavior - and then creating interesting narratives for brands and experiences.

I have a quote that's speaking to me right now: "In the end, only three things matter: how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you." (Kind of heavy, but very inspiring on lots of levels.)

I find Edith Wharton fascinating. Of course her writing, but also the life she led. House of Mirth and Age of Innocence are remarkably modern though they were written 100 years ago. Went through a big Mitford sister obsession too: amazing personalities, incredible wit and confidantes of major political figures. I'm in love with Ruth Bader Ginsburg! Adore the little piece that Maira Kalman did on her. RBG is such a strong woman - brilliant and graceful.

Onto booties! Am over the moon about my Reese's! I love the suede/leather combo which is subtle and beautifully rich. Love their versatility, they add a little zip to my tomboy beat-up jeans, camo pants - but also look super sharp with skirts. They're basically perfect. And so comfy! Walking with a firm and confident step is the key to everything.


Above: Stills from our shoot with Jessica at the J. Walter Thompson headquarters. (Isn't she adorable!?)


Jessica's Links:

Instagram @jess_monkey


Published 10/2/2013 By Loeffler Randall

LR Studio Series // Kyle Udelson

Category: How We Wear It, LR Loves

Our third #LRWorkingGirls video was shot in the heart of NYC, at the iconic Time and Life building, where media wiz, Kyle Udelson is an Acct. Director at Complex Media.


Watch the videos on the LR Instagram @LoefflerRandall #LRWorkingGirls


Above: Stills from our shoot with Kyle.


I am a Fashion and Grooming Acount Director at Complex Media. We reach more Millenial guys than any other site online and it's my job to work with major advertisers to create integrated video and editorial campaigns. I'm obsessed with pop-ups, social media and brand collaborations and my job keeps me up to date on everything going on online.

I love that the brands I work with are at the forefront of both fashion and media. From broadcasting runway shows on Vine to live-streaming shows on the side of media, the companies I work with are changing both landscapes.

I love that my Loeffler Randall Work Tote has a very on-trend shape but doesn't look like every other bag out there. It's also amazing that I can stuff it with all my junk and schlep to work on the subway but its polished and chic enough to take out to dinner with clients after work. I prefer bags at least 3/4 the size of my body that can hold a laptop, two cell phones and two pairs of shoes at any given time.


Kyle's Links:

Instagram @kyleudelson


Published 9/30/2013 By Loeffler Randall

Sincerely Jules and the Duffel Bag

Category: How We Wear It

Jules Sarinana of Sincerely Jules pairs a fun and colorful vintage jacket with the LR Duffel Bag in nude for a day around town in her hometown of sunny Los Angeles. Jules says she "loves the nude and black!" and so do we.


SHOP: The Loeffler Randall Duffel Bag


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Published 9/30/2013 By Loeffler Randall

lr studio series // amy woodside

Category: How We Wear It, LR Loves

For the second installation of our Loeffler Randall Studio Series we had the pleasure of meeting with Amy Woodside AKA artist, writer, surfer and all around babe. Originally a Kiwi, Amy made the move from New Zealand to NYC about four years ago. She and her talented artist husband, Jason Woodside, live and work together in their shared studio in the LES.


Watch the videos on the LR Instagram @LoefflerRandall #LRWorkingGirls


Click to see Amy in her home studio via Instagram video.

Above: A still from our incredibly fun shoot with Amy.


All of my work is language based, so reading plays a huge part in what I do. Listening also - I'm most interested in what I overhear by accident, the conversation people have on the street...I always have one ear open. If I'm ever at a creative halt, I go for a walk and try to absorb all the weirdness that goes on outside. It usually helps.

What I love most about my work is that I can make it up as I go along. My personal motto is "Toughen Up".

I spend so much time in rugged, paint covered studio gear that it's nice to get fancy sometimes (but not too fancy). My black sueded lock clutch with gold studs has a bunch of little compartments for all my bits & pieces (or 'safe places' for me to lose things in). Practicality is really important to me so the Loeffler Randall Gaia platform bootie is perfect - they're super comfortable but are still pretty sexy. Good combo.


P.S. That little map you saw in the video? Jason gave that to Amy the first time they met. It was a map to his house. She framed it for their first wedding anniversary.



Above: Flyer for Amy's newest group show featuring her recent work at Human NYC in Greenpoint, BK.


Amy's Links:

Instagram: @ameohmy


Published 9/26/2013 By Loeffler Randall

LR Studio Series // Jen Steele

Category: How We Wear It, LR Loves

The Loeffler Randall FW13 collection was inspired by modern working women of past and present who share industry savvy and killer style. In tribute to these women, we created the LR Studio Series - a collection of short videos that provide an inside peek at NYC working women and their environments.


Watch the videos on the LR Instagram @LoefflerRandall #LRWorkingGirls


Our first subject is the lovely Jen Steele; writer, stylist and creator of our new favorite site Girls I Know. The GIK mission (below) basically sums up why we felt she was perfect for this project. Also, did we mention she has a beyond adorable cat named Tomato? Yep. 


GIRLS I KNOW promotes a healthy and positive digital space for an audience interested in real women doing great things. The site is designed to encourage brilliance and ambition through conversations with these amazing people.


Click to see her home studio in motion via Instagram video.


Above: A still from our shoot with Jen showing some of her work alongside one of her most inspirational belongings: Pola Woman by Helmut Newton.


I am originally from Wisconsin and after 7 years in New York, felt lucky to know so many amazing women. I think it's an important moment to share their lives with a generation interested in honest inspiration. Basically, this is a go for girls.


I enjoy thinking conceptually and creatively. Working hard is incredibly satisfying to me and that is exactly what I'm doing to build GIRLS I KNOW.

I could wear the Loeffler Randall Emerson bootie all day and well into the evening without thinking about my feet. It's the best when you don't have to think about your shoes, that's the way it should be. You should be able to walk.

I love denim and men's wear influences. I'm into purple plum lipstick right now. 90's vibes all day. If you catch me in the day, I'll be wearing a blazer and jeans most likely. But I do add in fun accessories when I feel up for it. I have this BESS earring with a Mother Mary hologram, stuff like that.


Above: Jen with her trusty Polaroid wearing her Loeffler Randall Emerson booties


Jen's links:

Instagram: @GirlsIKnow


Published 9/23/2013 By Loeffler Randall

Native Fox in Calla

Category: How We Wear It

The Native Fox's Jennifer Grace takes our Calla Creepers to the streets in these lovely photographs. Right in time for Autumn, these transitional oxfords truly shine. 




Published 9/18/2013 By Loeffler Randall

Jane and Dad

Category: How We Wear It




Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes pairs her beloved black Rider with a elegant black and white pattern dress, making it a perfect stylish daddy-daughter date in Seoul, Korea. 


Shop: The Rider Bag



Published 9/13/2013 By Admin

Our Best Booties

Category: How We Wear It, News


There's nothing more versatile than the perfect pair of ankle booties that can see you through any season and every outfit. Our best booties are classically styled, artfully detailed and made with luxurious leathers that only look better with each and every wear - 'nuff said. 


Shop: Loeffler Randall Booties


Here's how we wear our LR Booties via Instagram. It's true love. 



Featured above: Loeffler Randall Franca Cut-Out Booties and Fenton Buckle Booties.


Published 8/5/2013 By Loeffler Randall

Sincerely, Jules: The Lock Clutch

Category: How We Wear It, Press



For standout style inspiration, turn to blogger Julie Sarinana of Sincerely, Jules. Her effortlessly cool look of rolled up denim and casual camouflage is perfectly accented with a Loeffler Randall Lock Clutch in an eclectic camel dot print.


Shop: The Lock Clutch 


Published 7/25/2013 By Loeffler Randall