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LR Loves | Justina Blakeney

Category: LR Loves

As long time fans of Justina Blakeney’s “Face The Foliage” project, we were ecstatic to work with Justina on a foliage interpretation of our favorite pieces from Spring.



Enamored by her hand-made foliage series, we asked Justina to apply her masterful technique to creating original works of art inspired by our Spring 2015 Collection. The result? A super elegant yet simple series of collages, showcasing Justina’s experimental sensibility and fearlessly fun design approach. Check out the final collages below and read on for Justina's inspiration behind the project.


We’ve been long time fans of your “Face The Foliage” project, which inspired the direction of our collaboration. How did it get started and how do you hope it evolves?

I was raking dead leaves in my yard one morning when all of the sudden, after staring at the leaves for several minutes, one of them smiled at me. It really looked liked lips. So I grabbed a few of them off the floor and arranged them on my patio table until I had created an entire face from leaves. The face looked very expressive. She looked a bit melancholy, but if I titled her eyebrows one way, or switched the leaf I was using for lips, the expression completely changed.

This got me playing around with the leaves and next thing you know I was picking little flowers and grabbing small twigs to make the faces. The more I create them, the more elaborate they become. When I take walks in my neighborhood I collect little berries and flowers and bring them home for my faces. I do not glue them together; I simply arrange the pieces on my table until they ‘speak’ to me. When they do, I take a few photos and then put the leaves back into a bowl for the next moment of inspiration.

It may be the temporary nature of the collages that I like most. A dead leaf floating down from a tree becomes an eyebrow, or a nose. A petal of bright bougainvillea becomes painted, puckered lips. A shamrock becomes a bow-tie, and then it goes back into the bowl and is just a bowl of dried leaves and flowers. It’s a very fun exercise, it calms me and is fun to do with kids as well. After sharing the photos on Instagram and starting the hashtag #facethefoliage people from all over the world have joined in and begun to share in the fun making zero-waste foliage portraits! I hope that the project evolves into a book someday, and that more people join the #facethefoliage movement.


You have such a fabulous sense of mixing bold colors and patterns in unexpectedly fresh ways! Tell us your secret, do you start with a edited palette and move out from that or what?

Thank you! I tend to design very emotionally—I think that bold patterns work well together if in a more defined color palette—but I’m also not to fussy. I layer and layer, and when it feels fun, full and patterful, I stop.


We love that you’re able to seamlessly mix decor that’s both high and low prices for those of us who are thrift minded. What are your favorite places to shop right now for deals at reasonable prices (that mix well with a high aesthetic)?

I love flea markets and thrifting. I swear I get a little high when I find amazing stuff at good prices. I think designing on a budget is so much more fun and challenging than designing with limitless funds. As far as retailers go, I often find great stuff at World market and Anthropologie, but also at places like Ross! I think if you’re open minded and have a good eve you can find interesting stuff all over the place. Online I have a pretty serious addiction to eBay—especially for finding textiles and I love Chairish for finding pieces that are a little more high-end.


You just launched your first book, “The New Bohemians” – big congrats!! Tell us about the book and what it was like re-searching + writing it.

Thanks! As a boho gal from Berkeley, I was born to write a book on bohemian décor. After spending the better part of my 20’s living abroad in Italy and six years of sharing bohemian design ideas on my blog, it felt like the right time to create a book that featured the New Bohemian lifestyle that has emerged in this digital age. People are now using their homes as so much more than just homes. Homes featured in the book are used not just as dwellings but as workshops and ateliers, bed and breakfasts and pop-up restaurants, urban farms and makeshift showrooms. The New Bohemian home takes the spirit of the vagabond and manifests it in the form of colorful, creative homes that are at once totally cool and artfully collected. Writing (and shooting it with my friend and collaborator Dabito) was really fun, and also quite arduous. 


What are you feeling right now from the new Loeffler Randall Spring’15 collection?

Gah! So much goodness! I love how the pieces remain edgy but are also basic. I love that I can count on comfort with y’all and that you have so many options in flats (I’m 5’10”!) And don’t get me started on the fringes!!!



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Published 4/22/2015 By Loeffler Randall

LR Loves | Eric Trine

Category: LR Loves


Eric Trine is one of our all-time favorite makers. We love his structural planters and his woven chair has been on Jessie’s wish list since last Mother’s Day. So when we launched our Spring 2015 collection, we knew he would be the perfect person to collaborate with. His cool aesthetic and talent with architectural elements are the perfect complement to the collection’s perforated details and playful gems. Check out at his take on our Spring 2015 collection, we hope you love it as much as we do. 

We had a little Q&A with Eric about his current inspirations, projects and of course, his LR picks.


What are you calling these assemblages?? You always come up with the best project names.

I call them "situations" - But I also really like the term "scaffold" lately - So these situations are like little visual scaffolds because they are temporary - they aren't permanent, like a building scaffold that you see all over Manhattan. They suggest the architecture, but they aren't architecture themselves. It's not an art piece, or a sculpture, because the only thing that is permanent is the photograph - the assemblage only lasts for a few minutes. 

How did you interpret visual inspiration from the Loeffler Randall Spring 2015 collection to make these? 

Loosely, I supposeI mean, I think I only looked at the inspiration page once, because the pieces in the collection already feel very "spring". Really, I just looked around my studio at stuff I had lying around to see what would fit together well. 

What are the most important concepts that inspire your own work? 

Form and materials - and how those two interact. Sometimes materials can suggest form - or they can "in-form" a particular application of that material. For instance, I use perforated steel - and I love how it can remain visually light yet structurally sound - just like the perforated leather espadrilles - my favorite of the new collection. 


Which of these shoes / bags would you like to see your wife wear? Which would she actually wear? 

I love the perforated stuff - SO MUCH! I know she would wear the heck out of those espadrilles. I want the espadrilles - men’s shoes are so boring.  

Any upcoming projects / cool new releases or mentions you want to share or plug with us?!? 

The big push for me this spring are the new Octahedron Stools, the latest addition to the Octahedron family of pieces. I'm just continuing to exploit the octahedron form as much as I possibly can, and I'm really excited about these stools. I originally designed these stools for the poolside bar at Ojai Rancho Inn, and I had such a great response that I decided to turn that project into a product. 




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Published 4/6/2015 By Loeffler Randall

LR Loves: Jess Hannah

Category: LR Loves

When we first came across jeweler Jess Hannah’s instagram, we couldn’t help but dig her super casual and minimalistic grid. Her aesthetic is simple and effortless, never overpowering—just like her eponymous line of fine jewelry, J.Hannah. Characterized by clean lines and delicate details, her designs are celestial yet edgy by nature. We are hooked on Jess Hannah—and were so excited when she agreed to take us into her L.A. based studio. Jess shows us a thing or two about her craft while wearing her selects from our Spring '15 Collection.



How do you like to start your day?

I love my mornings and I try to keep things relaxed. I usually start with a cup of tea and answer emails on the couch for an hour or so. A couple times a week I'll go to the gym or yoga before that. Then I usually make a bite to eat and head up to my studio. That's when I start really getting into work mode. I'll plan my day and make my daily to do list.


What’s a typical day (in the studio) for you?

My days can vary a lot. Most days I answer emails, plan instagram/blog posts, work on jewelry designs and pack and ship orders. My days are often broken up by meetings or errands in the jewelry district - which is nice to get a little fresh air.



What’s your favorite thing about living in LA?

I love downtown LA specifically because I can walk everywhere. Yes, it smells like hot pee on every corner, but it is so worth it. Everything I need on a daily basis is steps away. Some general LA things I love are mostly food related. There are SO many great restaurants here and such a vast array of choices. My current fave restaurant is Bestia, in the Arts District.


We love that Global consciousness is a priority for you – tell us more about how this incorporates into your designs.

I use recycled gold whenever possible and always conflict free diamonds. I used to make all of the jewelry myself, but in order to keep up with recent demands, I now have a really great guy that helps me. My goal isn't to be a huge company, I just really love creating jewelry. It's more about quality than quantity for me. It's just me and my bench jeweler and no matter how big my line gets- it will always be handmade in downtown LA.

If you weren’t a jewelry designer, you’d be…

Unhappy. Jewelry design is such a huge part of my life, it's really hard to imagine what else I would do. My dad really wanted me to be a doctor but I’m horrible at science and totally squeamish, so I guess that would be off the table. I studied Graphic Design in University, so I would likely be doing something related to that if I had not gone down the jewelry path.

SHOP THE LOOK: Open Tote in WhitePetra Cross Strap Sandal in White


How did you originally discover Loeffler Randall?

I had seen the brand around pinterest and a few shops and had always really liked it. My first purchase was the Rider Satchel and I was thoroughly impressed with its functionality. There are two strap length options and tons of pockets in all of the right places, not to mention it's quite the looker. Cue "praise da lord" emoji.


What are you coveting from the SS15 collection? 

I'm a big fan of the petra cross strap sandal in white. For me comfort always comes first and these guys really nail it. I am not a huge fan of bright colors so for me white is my color of choice to convey spring.


Current show you’re binge watching on Netflix?

My boyfriend and I just finished a binge marathon of Peaky Blinders. If you haven't seen it already then you should probably cancel your plans for this weekend.

We heart Jess—especially for offering LR Girls a super special discount on her jewelry. Use code: JHANNAHXLR20 for 20% off all J.Hannah jewelry.


the jewelry:

the blog:

the insta: @jess_hannah


Published 3/30/2015 By Loeffler Randall

Jessie's Packing Picks

Category: How We Wear It, LR Loves

This snow has us running for the sand. We're seeing stripes and eyelet essentials at even the thought of warm weather. Get lost inside Jessie's Spring Break bag. You'll be lounging poolside in your pool slides before you know it.

Packing: plan ahead or last minute?

With 3 kids I always plan ahead. I’ve had the boys’ suitcase packed for 3 weeks!


What’s your vacay-style philosophy?

I like to bring a few nice outfits with me, a couple great bathing suits (I am obsessed with Zimmerman’s classic one-piece), some workout gear, comfortable cover-ups for by the pool, hat, sunglasses and way too many pairs of shoes. Shoes are my weakness. I can never decide which ones to bring so I usually bring them all.


When you get to your hotel, what’s the first thing you do?

I like to change the boys into their suits on the plane so very first thing we can head out to the pool.


Favorite locals spot? (or favorite place to find local treasures?)

When I am on vacation, it’s all about my boys. There are no fancy adult dinners or out of the way shopping excursions. My boys are very excited to go get ice cream at Scoops in South Beach so that’s the only spot on my agenda. If my guys are into it, I may take them to the Design District.


SHOP THE LOOKS: Paz Sandal in SilverPascal Sandal in Cheetah, Cat Jeweled Sandal in Mint


Is there anything you won’t travel without?

My boys, Tata Harper rejuvenating serum, my prized Celine sunglasses that Brian gave me for Christmas, lots of LR shoes, the boys’  swim goggles, sunscreen and new things downloaded to read on my Kindle.


SHOP THE LOOK: Open Tote in Cuoio,Etta Jeweled Mules in Wheat

Published 3/20/2015 By Admin

Melissa Joy Manning

Category: Inspiration, LR Loves, News

The self-proclaimed #rockgeek & eco-friendly jeweler shares her favorite stone of the season.


Melissa Joy Manning is a jewelry designer who effortlessly fuses an elegant and luxurious spirit with a sustainable approach – crafting heirloom-quality pieces made from recycled and ethically sourced materials. Melissa is dear to us because of her commitment to social responsibility and her generous ability to support, rally and inspire those around her in the fashion and craft community.


We asked Melissa to identify her favorite seasonal stone and to highlight its most compelling spiritual properties. Coinciding with the launch of her stunning new Tribal collection, it’s no wonder that she has chosen Turquoise.






In This Story:

Melissa wears the Loeffler Randall Pouch Bag and Petra sandal.

All jewelry by Melissa Joy Manning.


For more infomation on specific MJM pieces contact:


Click to enlarge images.


Published 3/4/2015 By Loeffler Randall

Staff Styling // The Rio Sneaker

Category: How We Wear It, LR Loves

It’s officially the year of the sneaker. Our sportiest shape, the Rio runner is a recent addition to our casual lineup for Resort 2015 as well as a staff favorite. We especially like that it’s totally acceptable (and encouraged) to pair sporty sneaks with feminine pieces for a laid-back yet cool vibe. In this edition of LR Staff Styling, Jessie and the LR team take their Rios to the streets.


Jessie say’s, “I love my Rios! I have them in the perforated version. I like how they look sporty but yet elevated at the same time. Our other colors are really cool also – the prints give them something special. Sneakers are such a big part of a shoe wardrobe these days - I love how unique (and comfortable) our version feels.”


“These days I’m wearing my Rio mostly with jeans, but I’ve seen a lot of girls pairing them with a skirt and I love that look too. They’ve definitely become a staple around the office - so effortless.”

[click images to enlarge]



Published 2/12/2015 By Loeffler Randall

The Hive / Editor's Picks For New Moms

Category: LR Loves, News

Created for the chic, multi-tasking mom, The Hive is an online destination for busy women that addresses the evolution from pregnancy through motherhood, without abandoning a love of style, shopping and all things chic.


It goes to show, when LR fans and founders of The Hive, Melissa Magsaysay and Sara Riff approached us to feature Jessie on their digital “Balancing Act” column, we couldn’t have been more thrilled! In the interview Jessie reveals insights on how she balances her busy personal and professional life, the evolution of Loeffler Randall, and some key things she’s learned along the way.


Read The Hive's “Balancing Act With Jessie Randall”.


Knowing a thing or two themselves about stylish motherhood, Missy and Sara share their own picks from the Loeffler Randall Resort ’15 collection that are perfect for new moms on the go.


Follow @thehivemag on Instagram for daily inspiration.


Melissa (left) and Sara (right) of The Hive Magazine.


We've all got those must-have heels and strappy sandals peering out at us from the shelves in our closets, but as tempting as they are to put on, the reality of toting along a toddler (or 3) and trying to teeter around on a precariously high stiletto is just not safe nor is it a good look.


Striking that perfect balance between gorgeous and functional doesn't have to be an impossible feat nor should one have to forgo their favorite new spring bag for a bulky diaper tote.


At The Hive, we strive to maintain (and elevate) our personal style with enviable accessories, like the ones below. They're statement making yet make sense for everyday and keep getting ready (even when you've got a kid hanging onto each leg), easy, effortless and undeniably chic.


Missy’s Picks:


Natural Snakeskin Cat Pool Slide

As a busy mother, nothing beats being able to slip something on without the added pressure of buckles or laces.  The fact that these pool slides are perfectly on trend and done in a sophisticated but edgy snakeskin is icing on the cake.


Ink Open Tote

A great diaper bag alternative. This carryall still looks chic in bright cobalt blue with a poppy floral lining.

Perforated Industry Bag

We love the fact that this bag can be carried as a crossbody and that the stylish perforation makes finding things a cinch.

Cheetah Haircalf Milla Flats

These Milla flats have a feminine touch with the scallop detail and the leopard is bound to pop with even the most simple look.  Take that school run!



Sara’s Picks:


Shea Perforated Mules

These mules have a sensible heel that allow you to transition from running after your kids to date night with stylish ease.

Lizard Dot Lock Clutch

We'd call this the perfect "drop in."  Throw it in the diaper bag and you'll never be scrounging to unearth your lipstick & keys.... plus its really pretty chic on its own.


Raffia Mini Rider

This cute crossbody allows you to be handsfree as you carry more delicate your baby, or your latte.


Ink Floral Irini Sneakers

Prepare for looks of envy at the playground in these floral sneakers that are perfectly welcome for Spring.


Published 2/3/2015 By Loeffler Randall

Staff Styling // The Cat Sandal

Category: How We Wear It, LR Loves

The Cat pool slide is one of our favorite new sandal editions for Resort 2015. A cool take on the (now) ubiquitous sportswear slide - our version is modernized with artisanal details like perforated leather, printed haircalf and beautiful colored snakeskins. The result is a truly effortless and comfortable little sandal that can be dressed up or down with total ease. In this edition of LR Staff Styling, Jessie and the LR team show us how they make the Cat sandal their own.


Jessie say’s, “The Cat were my go to on my vacation to Jamaica. I wore them every day with my beach cover-ups but also with jean shorts and even with pretty dresses at night. For me they are so versatile because they are the perfect sporty element to dress down something fancy (I love that juxtaposition) and they are also great for casual times as well.”

“The pool slide is the next big trend after cork sandals. I love the thick, comfort outsole with the pretty, modern upper.”


[click images to enlarge]



Published 1/15/2015 By Loeffler Randall

Easy Ways To Wear Marit with Linh Niller

Category: Collaborations, LR Loves

Linh Niller is a New York based blogger and aspiring designer honing her unique aesthetic (a mix of uptown polish with a downtown cool vibe) and inspiring others to find their own personal style at This winter, we asked Linh to illustrate a few unexpected ways to style the Loeffler Randall Marit, one of our most versatile tall boots. Enjoy!


Linh says, "As temperatures drop in the city, I always start with what shoe to wear. It helps me focus on a certain silhouette. It's helpful to find more than one way to wear layering staples such as a fur vest or cashmere scarf. Warmth and comfort is key, so during the winter, I often am seen in knee high leather boots!"

"I love the Loeffler Randall Marit boot because it’s sleek, minimal, and so comfortable. The boot is great quality leather and is so simple in its design. Knee high boots will never go out of style and the best part is, it pairs well with everything - jeans, midi skirts, culottes, and even mini skirts for a cool 60s vibe."

"Below, I've styled the Marit with culottes, a button up, and a leather jacket for a cool downtown look. I've also styled the boot with a chunky knit sweater dress and cape draped over my shoulders, which offers a great and flattering silhouette. On the days I feel somewhat lazy, I pair the Marit with skinny jeans, which instantly polishes any simple outfit."


Check out more from Linh at

Extra credit: visit @linhniller on Instagram


[click images to enlarge]



Published 1/9/2015 By Loeffler Randall

Seaside Shoes / Decade Diary

Category: LR Loves

Bernadette Pascua is an illustrator and voice behind one of our favorite reads Decade Diary. She recently took her favorite Jules wedges along with her for a sunny trip to Saint-Paul de Vence, France. These photos are from La Colombe d'Or Hotel, a small hotel renown for it's historic support of the arts since the 1920's at which she stayed. The pool area features a sculpure by artist Alexander Calder, beautifully captured below by Bernadette.



"For beach holidays I leave the high heels at home and pack either a pair of wedges, little kitten heels or mules. My dress-up shoes for this trip were these simple Loeffler Randall Jules ankle strap wedges. I’ll try wearing them with socks this winter but they’ll definitely be coming out again next summer."



"There’s something heavenly about being able to swim in a heated pool while staring up a giant Calder mobile. All of the art (at La Colomber d'Or) is enjoyed freely without the structure and confines of a modern museum."


Images and quotes from Bernadette Pascua

See more at


Published 12/1/2014 By Loeffler Randall