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Inspiration for Fall 2009

Category: Inspiration


For Fall 09 I was inspired by an artist I have loved since I studied sculpture back in college, Louise Bourgeois. When I was designing Fall 09 I went to see the Louise Bourgeois exhibit at the Whitney. I am drawn to the line quality of her work....for example, the way she draws and sculpts spider legs. Many of her drawings use repetitive lines or forms, as in her 'Insomnia drawings.' This inspired the beautiful repetitive loops on skirts and elegant waves on shoes.

There is a subtle aggression and anger in Bourgeois' art and this also inspired harder edged styles. Signature items like the Matilde flat boot have been outfitted with buckles for a tougher look. There is a bondage-y look to straps on skirt waistbands and across the back. The snap pump covers the foot in thick straps that are super sexy.

Bourgeois' use of color was also influential. She uses a lot of black and a bright, piercing red and both of these colors are well represented in the collection. Other colors include rich jewel tones of blue, magenta and gold.


Published 7/27/2009 By Jessie Randall