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Jessie's Rainy Day Style

Category: How We Wear It, LR Loves

Jessie Randall's wardrobe reflects her lifestyle which balances wanting to look stylish while still being comfortable. It is this balance that shows through in her unique designs. Today, as we introduce a chic new Slip-on bootie to the LR Rain Boot collection, Jessie explains why she loves the versatility and simplicity that makes each rain boot style special.


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"I have always wanted a sleek rain boot that just seamlessly integrates into my wardrobe. That's why I love our rain collection — I wear these boots even on days when it's not raining because they are comfortable, functional and stylish. On days when the weather looks iffy I'll put on the boots and I don't feel like my entire outfit becomes all about the weather. They don't scream 'rain' but they do an excellent job of weather protection."

"As a mom I love these boots because they are easy to wear. I love our new slip-on rain bootie that you can slide into while wrangling a wriggly baby trying to get everyone out the door. Our tall rain boot is just as easy. I don't even unzip them, I just slip right into them without even bending down. These boots are great for being out on a rainy day and getting a lot of work done. I can push a stroller, grab groceries, or take the dog out for a quick walk in them. Similarly, on days when I'm in the office I can wear them with more dressy things and they work just as well. They are also supremely comfortable, which is a must for me. The mini wedge gives just the right amount of lift." - Jessie Randall, LR Creative Director


Published 9/20/2011 By Loeffler Randall