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LR Resort = Tres Chic Now

Category: LR Loves

Here in New York, we get positively giddy for that rare November day where the mercury creeps up above the 60 degree mark. As the LR resort collection rolls in, we take it as a sign that it's time to plan that tropical vacation. Some of our friends are luckier when it comes to weathering winter, namely Dena Smolek, the SoCal based writer and founder of fashion blog Tres Chic Now. Never in need of an excuse to hit the beach, we turn to Dena for her picks for this resort season which she delivers along with some much-needed rays of sunshine.


I cannot complain too much about needing a vacation, as I am one of the lucky ones who call SoCal home. I may need to throw a cozy sweater over my maxi dress but I still have the luxury of being able to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Malibu while much of the country is shoveling snow. Still, Loeffler Randall's resort collection has me dreaming about a tropical mid-winter getaway.


Sasha: When I first laid eyes on these, I had visions of catching a flight to Cabo with a bag full of maxi skirts and dresses. Plus, the height of this wedge is totally doable for a flat-loving girl who only wears heels ever-so often. I could definitely see myself slipping these on for lunch with the hubs at a beach-side resort.

Luca: Perfection for my LA lifestyle! I tend to play favorites with sandals and know these would go into heavy rotation. This will be a fantastic and practical choice for my soon-to-be planned trip back to Hawaii next year with my little ones and the husband. (Hint hint, love.)

And then there's the takes a lot for me to fall head over heels for a shoe that isn't flat...but I am in LOVE! These heels have me wishing for a babysitter to watch the kiddos so I can plan a date night, including cocktails, dinner and of course showing off these gorgeous shoes.

Loeffler Randall's newest collection fits my SoCal wardrobe requirements perfectly, however these three, all of which are equally beautiful, have me day dreaming about packing my bags. Time to start planning those beach getaways.



What inspired you to start Tres Chic now? And how has it evolved?

Dena Smolek: My love of fashion, shopping and beautiful things! After contributing to amazing pulications like Daily Candy and Refinery29, I decided I wanted something that reflected my own style, so I launched a blog (way back in '06), which eventually became Tres Chic Now. My obsession with Facebook and Twitter (and Tumblr, Pinterest ... the list goes on), led to the launch of my social media agency Tres Chic Media, which is also fashion + beauty focused.


If you started another project outside of fashion what would it be?

DS: Wow, not having something to do with fashion seems highly unlikely. But I am also a music junkie (currently obsessed with The Drums, The Kills, Lana Del Rey, Washed Out and St. Vincent), so it would probably be something down that route.


How has being a mom changed or contributed to your perspective on style?

DS: My personal style has always been laid-back luxe so it hasn't changed too much. I never carry a diaper bag because my oversized totes do the trick just fine. I live in luxe tees and jeans, which totally work for mommy-hood. But you won't catch me in heels unless I'm sans babes. Love my flats!


Describe your dream vacation.

DS: Being in SoCal means that Hawaii and Mexico are easy destinations and I'm planning to do both again sometime in the coming year with the fam. No matter what, my ideal vaca has to include a beach. Dream vacation would be taking a few months and jetting around the world to various beaches.


What is your favorite vacation activity?

DS: Relaxing on the beach and lounging at the pool and spas are musts for a good vaca in my book.


What is your favorite everyday activity?

DS: Shopping! Just kidding. I'm so fortunate that my work is a lot of fun and I can be a working-at-home mama. I'm thankful to have a great balance of work and play that allows me to spend time with my family. And I love my job! What more can you ask for?


What are your vacation essentials?

DS: A great bag that can also hit the beach, SuperGoop sunblock, iPhone and iPad (so I can stay connected), casual-chic tees and cardis, dresses and skirts that are easy to pack and even easier to wear, lip gloss with SPF, a pair of flat sandals and wedge heel.


Published 11/14/2011 By Loeffler Randall