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2011 DIY Holiday - Denise Porcaro

Category: Collaborations, DIY, Holiday, LR Loves

Loeffler Randall is getting into the holiday spirit with the creative women that inspire us. To kick off the giving season, we are thrilled to share with you a series of holiday DIY projects and giveaways. First we visit Denise Porcaro, dynamic owner of Flower Girl, for some expert tips on decking the halls. Denise has been crafting unique arrangements for diverse clients such as Ralph Lauren, Chateau Marmont, New York Public Library, Stella McCartney and Earnest Sewn, the last of which Flower Girl has shared space with since 2007. Passionate about all things beautiful, Denise gave us a lesson on creating her own version of a holiday wreath, one built of lush succulents that can live all year long.


We love nothing more than crafting our own decorations and gifts and are excited to share this project with you.  To create your own succulent wreath, follow Denise's instructions here.


Each Monday for the next four weeks we will be giving away a very special gift to one lucky facebook fan.  This week you can enter for the chance to win Denise's finished "living wreath" along with a $50 Loeffler Randall Gift Card.  Visit our facebook page to enter.


Photos by Anna Moller [click to enlarge]



Job: Owner of Flower Girl

Lives in: Chelsea, NY

Star sign: Pisces

Wearing: Riley in elephant


What do you like best about your Riley boots?

Fashionable yet great to run around the city in.

What does the Flower Girl wear to work?

Depends on which hat Flower Girl is wearing that day, do I have a business meeting uptown, or am I e-mailing from my home office with my dogs that day?


Where do you find inspiration for your designs when nothing is blooming in NYC?

On the contrary, I think things are always blooming in this amazing city, if not here, then where? I pull inspiration from food, fashion, art, my fabulous friends and loved ones. They are always blooming even if the branches aren't for a few months of the year. I'm constantly inspired by this frenetic city.


Tell us about your project:

It's a living succulent wreath. With there being more of a heightened awareness of being green and our carbon-footprints, as well as everyone being drawn to succulents in general, I turned it into a living wreath that works for the holiday season and beyond - too pretty!



Are drugstore wreaths and potted poinsettias the things of Flower Girl's nightmares are made of?

Not necessarily, to each his own. A million poinsettias clustered together can be eye-catching. It's usually an awful bow that ruins wreaths, I think less is more. So, remove the bow (unless cheesy-Christmas is your theme this year, which can totally be cool too).


Is scent an element you consider when putting together an arrangement? What scents bring about special holiday memories?

I am a huge nostalgic, scent-memory chick. Clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, evergreen - the obvious heavy-hitter scents of the season - as well as garlic and oil. I grew up Italian-American, so the holidays involve a lot of cooking, and I am lucky to have amazing chefs in my family. Each dish begins the same way...


Best gift you've ever given? Favorite gift you've ever received?

I'm going there (it's the holiday season so I feel like I can!)... love, security, time, togetherness.




How do you relax on winter weekends in New York?

I love to get out of the city when I can.  I head out to the surrounding part of NY state where nature walks and fireplaces provide true relaxation. If I stick around town I love to grab a coffee and head to the flea market on 25th street. I also love to "brunch" as an activity, or cook a meal (totally relaxes me!) and cozy up to a movie with the man and the dogs.


Your story is very inspiring and you seem to recognize and appreciate the pleasure of doing what you love for work. Do you have a personal slogan, words to live by or a daily mantra?

Do what you love, be honest and true, focus on you... not in a selfish way. Focus on you and you will share and be giving of a better you to those that you are lucky enough to love.

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Published 11/22/2011 By Loeffler Randall