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2011 DIY Holiday - Jenny Mörtsell

Category: Collaborations, Holiday, How We Wear It, LR Loves

For the second feature in our holiday DIY series, we visit one of our favorite collaborators and good friend, Jenny Mörtsell. Illustrator, photographer, DJ and crafter, Jenny finds treasure everywhere. We photographed Jenny in her Brooklyn apartment / studio where she shows off her cozy LR Serena booties and presents a project she made just for us — a set of illustrated gift boxes that you can download, print, and construct right here.


A fan of one-of-a-kind homemade gifts, Jenny gave us her original set of finished boxes, signed by the artist and filled with unique surprises.  This week you can enter for the chance to win Jenny's boxes along with a $50 Loeffler Randall Gift Card.  Visit our facebook page to enter.


Photos by Anna Moller [click to enlarge]



Job: Illustrator etc.

Lives in: Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Star sign: Sagittarius

Wearing: Right now a pair of old Levi's 505, a striped t-shirt and mismatched socks

What do you like best about your Serena booties?

Jenny Mörtsell: I chose them because they're fancy but not too dainty. I like shoes that make you feel pretty but also work in a dive bar or on a dance floor.


Tell us about your project:

JM: I did 3 different templates for gift boxes with drawings of bows, pearls and peppermint candies.

What was your inspiration? What kinds of gifts would you put in the boxes?

JM: I'm a big fan of Japanese paper crafts, gift wrapping and their tradition to always bring you a gift when you visit someone's house. I would put some homemade toffee or a necklace or a usb stick with a playlist in there!


What kinds of gifts do you like to receive?
JM: Something homemade or something with cats on it.


Where do you shop for craft supplies — any secret spots you care to share?

JM: Just my local paper store and hardware store. A good tip is to look on ebay for lots of vintage craft supplies.


Whose crafty careers do you admire?

JM: Anyone who takes time to do it! I think crafting should be enjoying creating something with your own hands, not necessarily a perfect finished product. I think most kids got it right from the start.


Describe your perfect winter weekend:
JM: At my parent's cabin in the Swedish countryside, going for a snowy walk in the forest, then listening to my Dad's old Bob Dylan records by the open fire, eating clementines and playing board games.


What is your favorite NYC spots during the holidays?

JM: No Name bar in Greenpoint because it's always so cozy in there. And going uptown to look at the store window displays.


Most of the drawings we have seen by you are of beautiful young men and women — are a lot of them friends? As your friends age, will your subjects age as well?

JM: Haha that's an interesting question. Yes, a lot of them are my friends. When I get older maybe I'll start a career drawing my friend's kids and pets!


Describe your winter look:

JM: Fisherman sweater, Lovikka Mittens, a beret and a crocheted ruffled wool collar my mom made me last winter. 100% wool is key.


What does your winter playlist sound like?

JM: Karen Dalton, The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Michael McDonald, Nicolas Jaar, and M83.



Your twitter is funny. What makes you laugh?

JM: A good pun always makes me laugh.


Your tumblr is amazing. Which is your favorite decade?

JM: I don't have a favorite decade but I like when decades reinterpret other decades, like the 90's version of hippie culture etc. Or even better, our version of the 90's version of hippie culture.


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Published 11/29/2011 By Loeffler Randall