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Editor Love For Heart LR

Category: LR Loves, Press

To celebrate the debut of Heart LR, we gathered five of the sweetest editors around and quizzed them on everything from childhood crushes to old-fashioned love songs and, of course, shoes. The beauties behind NYMag, Glamour, Cup of Jo, Lucky and Moodboard share what makes their heart skip a beat in their editor love notes for Loeffler Randall.


MARIA DUENAS JACOBS | Accessories Editor, Glamour

Maria's pick : Kaysa in nude.

Red or pink? Red.


My idea of happiness is a summer day — biking, swimming and eating beachside.

I love puzzles.


I loathe coconut on desserts.


Someone, please send me a bouquet of fringed tulips.


Be mine Jordan Jacobs — the best husband a girl could have.


Favorite love song: "Le Vie en Rose" by Edith Piaf.


Best couple ever: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton because he gave her all the jewels and it was so good they married twice!


My childhood crush: Luke Perry from 90210. I had a life-size poster.


I Heart LR because their shoes are the sh*t!



JENNY KANG | Fashion Editor, NY Mag

Jenny's pick: Selima in tan/acid


Red or pink? Pink. Bubblegum pink.


I love my little nieces. They are everything.


I loathe people who are "tricky"


Valentine's Day means spending the day with the fashion flock (always falls during NYFW).

Be mine beach vacation.

Favorite love song: I loved the movie "Like Crazy" that came out last year, and Ingrid Michaelson's rendition of "Can't Help Falling in Love" has to be my new favorite.

Best couple ever: shoot. This is too hard - next question.

My childhood crush: JTT. My Big Bopper and Tiger Beat posters of him lined my entire door.


I Heart LR because these are the perfect sandals for strolling around the beach on summer weekends.



JOANNA GODDARD | Creator, Cup of Jo

Joanna's pick: Lotte in coral


Red or pink? Red! Brightens everything up!

My idea of happiness is reading books in bed with my husband at night, maybe with a sneaky glass of wine on the bedside table.


I love freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, Annie Hall, kissing my baby boy on his chubby cheeks.


Someone, please send me a bouquet of hydrangeas! They don't last long, but they fill the whole house with their scent.


Valentine's Day means smooching in the kitchen while my husband cooks dinner.


Favorite love song: "I Will" by the Beatles. It's so romantic! I sing it to my baby boy when I put him to bed every night. He's probably heard it 1,000 times.


Best couple ever: Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward. They were married for 50 years and seemed like best friends.


My childhood crush: Peter Pan. I waited for him at my window!


I Heart LR because the shoes feel like something a Swedish girl would wear to breakfast — fresh and adorable.



JULIA KALACHNIKOFF | Acessories Director, Lucky

Julia's pick: Inge in gold


Red or pink? Pink.


I love Matthew Crawley.


I loathe people eating and grooming on the subway.


Someone, please send me a bouquet of peonies.


Valentine's Day means work — it always falls during fashion week!


Be mine the jeweled Prada handbag from S/S 12.


Favorite love song: "Songbird" by Fleetwood Mac


Best couple ever: Kate and Johnny


My childhood crush: Corey Haim.

I Heart LR because they are the PERFECT summer shoes — super cute and comfy enough to run around the city.




Ms. Moodboard's pick: Starla in pale gold


Red or pink? Pink.


My idea of happiness is a Paris flea market.


I love the messages on the sweethearts.


I loathe the way they taste!

Someone, please send me a bouquet of Chanel bags.


Valentine's Day means lots of chocolate!


Favorite love song: Unchained Melody


My childhood crush: Johnny Depp.


I Heart LR because I can wear their shoes all day long while looking stylish.


Published 2/14/2012 By Loeffler Randall