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A Cup of Jo x Mother's Day

Category: LR Loves


Best advice your mother ever gave you.

My mom often tells me, "Take gentle care of yourself," which I think is a surprisingly profound thing to remember. Everybody feels overwhelmed sometimes, and it's really easy to put too much pressure on yourself or assume everyone else has a prefect life. That's not true, and we should be kind to ourselves and treat ourselves like the sweet souls we are.


What LR style did you choose for Mother's Day and why?

The Reba sandals are sexy and gorgeous. Nude shoes always make your legs look longer, and I love the hint of neon stitching. So rad!


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What do you have planned this Mother's Day?

Toby is almost two, so his highs are high, his lows are low, and his giggles make your heart swell. This Mother's Day, we'll all take a bike ride and have a picnic by the water, where he'll point out all the boats, buses, and most of all, motorcycles passing by.

Is there anything special you're wishing for this Mother's Day?

Just a drooly kiss form my toddler. :)

Published 5/9/2012 By Loeffler Randall