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Inchmark x Mother's Day

Category: LR Loves

Inchmark is a lifestyle blog created by Brooke Reynolds, a book designer and former senior art director at Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Kids. Brooke is a mother of three (with one more on the way), which made her a great candidate for a bit of Mother's Day Q&A. Enjoy!


How does your mother inspire you?

My mom is the mother of six, three boys and three girls, just like the Brady Bunch. Now that I am a mother, I look back at my childhood and wonder how she did it all with such grace. She made our home a happy place to be, and managed to shuffle us to baseball and gymnastics and Girl Scouts without losing her cool.

My husband and I moved from New York to Southern California a few years ago, and one big reason was so I could be near my mom. I wanted my children to really know her and have her be a part of their lives. All her grandchildren adore her (as you can see in the photo above).

My mother was a teacher before she had children, and so I've been her lucky student. Over the year's she has taught me little things like how to tie my shoes and make my bed, how to bind a quilt and make strawberry jam, how to be a happy person and a kind friend, but most importantly, how to be a great mom.


What are your favorite Mother's Day traditions?

One tradition we started is my husband takes a portrait of me and my children each Mother's Day. Nothing tricky, we just go in the backyard after church and take a few pictures. I am usually the one behind the

camera in our family, so it's nice to have some pictures of me with my children. My mom always hated having her photo taken, so when I look back through photo albums, she is rarely there. I try to consciously make sure that I am in some of the pictures with my family.


How will you be celebrating Mother's Day this year?

This Mother's Day will be a special one. We are all headed up to Utah for my sister's wedding this Saturday. So for the first time in years, my mom will have all six of her children together for Mother's Day (along with her 18 grandchildren!). My dad promises a nice brunch on Sunday morning (prepared by the men, of course).


Is there anything special you're wishing for this Mother's Day?

I love a homemade card. Sometimes my kids will draw a portrait of me (like this one drawn by my daughter Bee). I love everything about it, each little colored heart. As my kids gets older (my oldest turns 8 this summer) I realize that the time for these sweet drawings and notes is coming to an end, and so I treasure each little handwritten note.


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Best advice your mother ever gave you?

We ate dinner together every night growing up, despite the busy schedules of six children ... that's probably the best advice she's given me. She even used to read a page or two from Miss Manners each night, so we would learn the proper way to eat asparagus or fold our napkins. We still follow her main rule for dinner, which was often repeated when I was a kid: The Table is a Safe Place. Dinner time is sacred. Siblings don't bicker, parents don't lecture. It's time to sit down as a family and enjoy being together.

What LR style did you choose for Mother's Day and why?

I live in California near the beach, and often spend most of the year in sandals or flip flops. I chose the Lotte knot clog, which will look great all year round and still be comfortable enough for me to chase after my almost 2-year-old. I'm pregnant right now with our 4th child, and it's not much fun to shop for clothes when you're pregnant. But you can always shop for shoes!

Published 5/9/2012 By Loeffler Randall