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Pre-Fall 12 x Susan Domelsmith

Category: LR Loves

Susan Domelsmith is always up to something - designing her latest collection of statement jewelry, starting a new band, directing treasure-hunting road trips or incorporating the principles of feng shui into her new Brooklyn loft. We had so much fun catching up with our creative and inspiring friend Susan as she added yet another talent to repertoire, modeling her picks from the Loeffler Randall Pre-fall collection.


Photos by Dan McMahon



Name: Susan Domelsmith

Occupation(s): Jewelry designer of Dirty Librarian Chains and musician in Open Ocean and Time Reveals.

Star sign: Gemini and Metal Monkey in the Chinese Zodiac.


Describe what you are wearing:

I wore the Jolie glitter sandal with a blue Juno dress (I play a Juno 106 and 60 in both of my bands, so this dress is perfect) and a vintage lace skirt. I'm wearing my Cumulus Necklace from my current SS12 collection and the Media Bracelet that has been one of my top sellers forever. With the Orlina bootie, I picked a flowy Henrik Vibskov patterned dress and my Aurora Earrings from my current SS12 collection and the Media Bracelet.


What do you like best about your LR picks?

They are both so comfortable and versatile. The lightness of the Jolie makes them something I want to wear every day, and the strap detail on the Orlina makes them really grounding to wear with flowy dresses. I would wear both of them to walk around the city, as well as to play shows. You have to wear comfortable and cute shoes in order to schlep all of the gear (until we get roadies!).


Your summer style inspiration?

This summer I think I'm leaning toward 80's playground as well as office wear as an inspiration. I love the dressed up flared shorts look. They make riding a bike (which I do almost every day) so much easier.



Tell us about any trips you have planned.

Open Ocean is working on a late summer US tour, so I am definitely excited about that. I also hope to go to my hometown, Austin, to visit once again this year. My last trip went by too quickly.


Describe your favorite souvenir.

My favorite souvenirs are from a roadtrip with my man. They include a YSL denim jacket that I thrifted from somewhere in North Carolina and a Luray Caverns CD from the caves in Virginia. They have an organ hooked up to stalagmites all over the cave so that each key pressed triggers a hammer to strike the corresponding formation with that frequency. I was absolutely DYING to play it, but I guess owning the CD will have to do.


Your apartment is so cool! Give us one of your best feng shui tips.

Clearing out clutter makes more room for new opportunities to enter your life. Also, make sure that everything in your home makes you feel good and brings up good memories. You should definitely get rid of anything that makes you feel guilty or reminds you of a difficult time.


We love Dirty Librarian Chains. How did you come up with the name?

When I first started, I needed a name and a local boy had been calling me the "dirty librarian" without me knowing because I wore glasses and my hair in a bun all the time in the hot Texas summers. I found out and thought it was hilarious. It goes perfectly with my aesthetic - I use recycled book pages for my packaging, and I often donate pieces to charities benefiting libraries.


What's next for Open Ocean? What do you love about your band?

We just finished recording, and are working on finishing up the tracks now. I love playing with some of my best friends. We always have so much fun, and have become quite a little family. It is also fun to be able to buy crazy clothing and accessories with the excuse "this will be perfect for the stage."


What does your summer soundtrack sound like?

Like an outdoor dance party and BBQ! Can that happen every day, please?


Personal Motto?

Do your best in all that you do, and fill your life with activities that you really love.


To find Susan Domelsmith at work and play:


[Dirty Librarian Chains]

[Open Ocean]

[Time Reveals]


Published 6/14/2012 By Loeffler Randall