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Category: LR Loves

Jayne Min is the mastermind behind the acclaimed lifestyle blog STOP IT RIGHT NOW where she's particularly known for pulling off effortlessly cool looks daily. She's got the knack for taking the road less traveled and looking darn chic as a result. Jayne tells us a little about herself and her new Loeffler Randall Editor Bag.


[photo via Instagram @stopitrightnow]



Describe the genesis of Stop It Right Now.

It started off haphazardly, admittedly with not a whole lot of thought. I didn't really know much anything about blogging at the time. It was only after I started and began noticing other established blogs, that I consciously wanted to make it different. I always approached it as an online diary to myself. Mental notes of good things and bad things. I just started to interject more of myself into it - my humor, my weird aesthetic radar. It just grew from there.


Does your work as a designer influence your blogging? and vice versa?

In every minute way, yes. I'm a very visual person and I have OCD. It's inevitable that those traits would make their way into and take over my blog (and life) (very tiring). The emphasis on visual appeal, Photoshopping, wanting things to be just so - those elements definitely move through my design work as well as my blogging.


Do you have a favorite platform: blog, instagram or twitter?

Instagram is the most convenient. Your phone is always with you and you don't have to sit down and carve out time to post something. The bad part is, my OCD has also infiltrated my Instagram. I don't know what it is but I have a certain standard for all my visual output. I have to make everything as difficult as possible.


You've professed your love for eBay. What were the last three things you bid on?

A football jersey, a cowhide rug, and an Aaliyah tshirt.

The last book you read?

Yohji Yamamoto - My Dear Bomb

The first CD you ever bought?

Hole - Live Through This

Your next weekend getaway?

I don't care where. Just hope it's soon.


Last but not least: what do you look for in a handbag?

I'm pretty lazy when it comes to switching and coordinating so I tend to always look for the same things. Black leather, messenger straps, or carrying options,  and durability. The Editor Bag really impressed me with all those qualities and is chic at that. It's classic but also so modern with its structured body. And above all, really well made. OCD approved!

For more on Jayne's affair with the Editor Bag visit STOP IT RIGHT NOW and find Jayne on her TUMBLR , TWITTER or INSTAGRAM.


Published 9/24/2012 By Loeffler Randall