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Mother's Day Q&A with Jane and Judy Aldridge

Category: LR Loves, News

This Mother's Day, we're thrilled to be able to pick the brains of a very special mother and daughter pair. Jane and Judy Aldridge share an outspoken affection for fashion and design that some could say runs in their blood. Aside from having two of the most influential fashion and design blogs, (Jane's Sea of Shoes and Judy's Atlantis Home) they're proud to share a love of basics too: "I have my mother's love of grey tee shirts and sweatshirts from the thrift store," Jane told us. Those are our kind of gals!


[Photos courtesy of Jane and Judy Aldridge. Click to shop Jane's Dree sandals and Rider bag or Judy's Robin t-strap sandals.]



First off, we have to ask - do you two wear the same shoe size?!

Almost, my mom is a 10 and I am a 9. But we don't like to share shoes that much anyway, haha.


You must borrow from each other's closets, but how much do you borrow from each other in terms of creative influences?

Given that we work creatively together, the conversation is a constant roundtable discussion of inspiration! We are always bouncing ideas off each other and evolving them. We text about what we are doing next all the time.


What typically triggers inspiration for new projects when working together? How do you find your ideas intersect when working with each other as opposed to working alone?


We have certain jobs divided up and I do mine alone, and my mom does hers, but when working creatively it is always a collaboration. We are inspired by everything that we see, we are both very visual people. We get inspired by junking and finding crazy props, the fun meals we share as a family, the artists we look up to, a trip we have taken, it can be anything!


What are you most likely to disagree on? Have there been any creative conflicts that have resulted in positive unexpected results?


Haha! This is a funny question. Sometimes our most calamitous shoots are our favorite ones. We'll make a trip to a location, be all ready to shoot and find out that we forgot the camera battery or something dumb like that. Maybe it is the added tension that inspires us but it turns out that these disastrous shoots always turn out to be our best. But we don't usually strive for disaster.


We know you are both self proclaimed vintage junkies. Are there any family heirlooms that you have inherited that stand out in your vintage collections?


My mom saved a bunch of the stuff she bought in Tokyo in the early eighties for me. When I was about 14 I opened this box labeled 'Jane' in the attic and it was full of Comme des Garcons and Ghost. That is a really special memory. I'll definitely do the same for my kids.


What do you look for in a perfect pair of shoes?


There's no such thing as 'the' perfect pair! We are into the technical design of shoes for sure. It has to have the perfect pitch, heel width, toe shape, a million little details. They all have to come together to make the perfect shoe, there are too many factors as I am sure any shoe designer knows!


Jane, we're obsessed with the color of your fire engine red hair. Was there something or someone that inspired the bold dye job? Was mom totally on-board with your decision?


It was so long ago that I first went red! I liked the retro vibe of it, it is very Rita Hayworth. I've always been so pale that I thought it would be a natural fit, but my mom didn't think so! She changed her mind when she saw it though.

Judy, any comments on the above?


Jane had to remind me that I was against. But obviously it has become her signature trademark and I think it looks fantastic.


Judy, you recently revived your design label, Atlantis Dry. What are your main influences for the new collection? Does Jane help with any of the designs?


We kind of did it as a capsule collection and it is over now but is inspired by earlier designs I did in the eighties. I'm too old to go back to production and design, it is a lot of work.


Jane, we heard that you also like to draw. Can you talk about that began and how it's developed? Do you have a favorite subject matter?


I do but I am no good... I only do it when the inspiration strikes! I like to draw girls, and dogs in wonky way. I think I like to look at other people's art better. I am always trying to get people to draw things. People who never draw are my favorite artists.


Most important thing/best advice you learned from your mom?


My mom is someone who takes the time to appreciate the small things in life and isn't afraid to be silly. It's important to laugh! Also, she always emphasized that the simplest way to get something done is usually the best way. It is true.

Most important thing/best advice you learned from your daughter?


Judy: Being a mom is the greatest role I've ever played, both of my girls inspire me everyday. They are constantly showing me and teaching me new things.

Jane: ^...about her iPhone! Haha!



Published 5/8/2013 By Loeffler Randall